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Less Expensive Than Gopro, 4 Super Practical Action Cameras


When you do exercise outside, like diving, mountain climbing, cycling, skiing, do you always want to record your gorgeous moment? But cell phones, SLRS, and Interchangeable Lens Digital Cameras are hard to use during these movements, so why not find a replacement to reach this goal?

Action Cameras
In recent years, action cameras have gradually accepted by more people. The series of action cameras are also emerging in an endless stream. GoPro is known as one of the leading action camera brands, however its high price ($200- $300) has prevented many people from getting it.

Most of our time spends on work, family, and socializing. We spend very little time to relax ourselves in a year and rarely record what we do for ourselves. Why not try an action camera less expensive than GoPro to keep every amazing moment? There are some more cost-effective action cameras, all under $80!

AKASO EK7000 Pro is an upgrade of AKASO EK7000. The reason to choose this one is its new touch screen and electronic image stabilization features.

With the touch screen, we can get rid of the tedious buttons. I guess many people like me always confused by these buttons and think it is hard to get familiar with them. And now the touch screen will help you learn clearly about where you should press. However, if you use them underwater, you still need to combine the buttons with touch screen.

The most important thing for action cameras is obviously the anti-shake function. The EIS feature added by AKASO EK7000 Pro is very amazing to shooting human and objects in motion, which improves the image quality perfectly.

You can also do it via your phone’s blue tooth connection or a simple remote control. It is useful in some places.

If you want to shoot underwater, I suggest you put it into a waterproof cover. It can go as far as 131 feet though, we still have to take good care of our cameras. It’s not completely waterproof.

It doesn’t come with a detailed instructio, which is something that needs to be improved. You might need to look through YouTube for a learning video, which will take you a while.

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2. Campark X20/The Most Comprehensive Action Camera

Campark X20 is a so comprehensive camera at this price, and it is almost as good as GoPro, except it doesn’t have brand support!

The final goal of anyone who buys a motion camera is to take clear, high-quality photos and video. Campark X20 completely realize it, producing images with a resolution of up to 20M.

Not only does it have a 2.0-inch home screen, but it also has a 0.96-inch side screen on the front so you can easily see the status of your working camera.

It also has the most durable battery life. If you want to take more photos, you can always get an external battery charger.

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3. Campark ACT74/Cheapest and Working Like A Charm

If you want to pick up a camera can be used in a low frequency, and you just have a limited budget, the Campark ACT74 will be your first choice. Although it does not have outstanding features, it includes all the basic functions of action camera. If you do not have high requirements for picture quality, I recommended that you use 1080p mode for shooting, which is actually more perfect.

This camera is very suitable for car using. When you turn on the camera and set the driving mode, as long as the charger cable connected to the power supply, the camera will automatically start recording, and it will be disconnected after 2 seconds after power off.

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4. Apeman A80/Best Sensor and Gyroscope

Apeman A80 is equipped with a SONY sensor, and like the AKASO EK7000 Pro, it has EIS function. What’s more, it is built with a gyroscope that greatly enhances quality during you shoot the action image.

The function will help record the driving process.

It can support 128G SD card. If you want to take more video, it is the perfect option for you.

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These four cameras are absolutely affordable and practical action cameras that perfectly capture sharp images on land and in the water for you to save and see.

They can all be connected to WIFI, allowing you to check photos and videos taken at any time.

Of course, if you still want a more exquisite life and can afford expensive cameras, the latest GoPro Hero8 is your best bet!

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