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The 7 Best Thermometers


I felt a little sore all over the body the other day. At the beginning, I thought it was the normal ache after exercise, but every time the wind blew, my head was painful to split. I think I must have a fever, so I went home to take my temperature.

I was using an old mercury thermometer, but as I was pulling it out, my cat jumped out and I broke the thermometer, terrified and with a splitting headache.

Still conscious, I remembered that the mercury in the thermometer was deadly, so I quickly chased my cat away and began to clean it up. The mercury was beautiful, like silver beads of water, but that didn’t change the fact that it was highly toxic. If there is no cat in the house, I will choose to let it evaporate, but for fear that the cat will eat it or come into contact with it, I have to sweep into the garbage bag first.

Finally, I went to the clinic and my fever reached 39.4 ℃. The doctor told me I had a high fever because I already had some colds but still stuck to do strength training. I have to remind you not to do strength training like me when you catch a fever.

But because of this incident, I finally decided to give up the mercury thermometer. Each measurement takes 5-10 minutes. And once broken it is easy to cause harm to the body. I’m going to buy a new thermometer.

According to the different measuring principle, the thermometer has these three kinds roughly

1. Basal Body Thermometer
This type of thermometer is generally versatile, can be used to measure the temperature of the underarm, also the temperature of the mouth, and rectum. Basal thermometer is also very convenient to use, simple reading, measuring speed is fast and the price is not high.

2. Ear thermometer
The ear thermometer, also known as the eardrum thermometer, is used to measure the temperature according to the infrared heat wave released by the eardrum. The accuracy of the measurement results is relatively high when used correctly, and the ear wax may sometimes have a certain impact on the measurement results. The measurement time is relatively short, but the price is relatively expensive than electronic one.

3. Forehead thermometer
Forehead thermometer is also known as infrared thermometer. As long as you scan the forehead gently, the temperature can be read, which is convenient, fast, and more common in public places to check the body temperature for the crowd. Besides the body temperature, it also allow you to measure the temperature of the water, milk bottle temperature. But the forehead thermometer just takes the temperature of the skin’s surface, with relatively poor accuracy.

At a low price, the Vedik basal body thermometer has an outstanding ability to read an accurate temperature. It is just like an upgraded replacement of the mercury thermometer. It is safe, and takes a shorter time to get your temperature.

It is always be used under arm or orally so the contact to body makes result accurate. It is small so that you can take it when you travel. Only on drawback is that after using it, you have to clean it. It is waterproof so you can clear it easily. But if you are cleanliness oriented, other thermometers which don’t contact your body will be the optimum choice.

Also, you can buy several basal thermometers due to the low price. One is for armpit, one is for oral and one is for rectum.

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2. Femometer Smart Period Tracker Fertility Prediction Thermometer

It is interesting that I never see a thermometer like it. In addition to the features of basal thermometer, it is also a period tracker and fertility prediction tool. One thing you need to do is just connecting the Femometer app by your phone and then you can explore the functions.

Femometer predicts the fertility window accurately using an advanced algorithm that incorporates all your fertility signs including BBT, ovulation test results, PdG test results and period information for the best prediction. You can track and view your cycle and fertility windows prediction at any time.

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3. Robesty Infrared Forehead Thermometer

I like the shape of forehead thermometer. It looks like a gun. When you use it, you need to hit the trigger and your temperature will be showed on the display. It seems like a suicide behavior every time when I test temperature by it.

It is no contact that you can use it 1-5cm form forehead so it helps avoid bacteria and radiation. However as a result, it may not as accurate as mercury thermometer. If you test after getting in a draught, the temperature will be lower than the real temperature. So for a while before the test, you need to make sure that your forehead is not affected by external factors.

In general, at least it can tell if you have a fever, and its display will show a different color depending on your health conditions. Green light is for normal temperature, yellow light is for a slight fever, and red light is for high fever to make you take it seriously.

There are 32 groups each for human body temperature and object temperature. So if you use it in public to do a fast test and it shows red for someone, you can find out the people who have fever in a short time according to the record.

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4. GoodBaby Ear and Forehead Thermometer for Fever

Goodbaby thermometer combined the features of ear thermometer and forehead thermometer. Whatever you use it to get a quick checking for multi people or want to take an accurate temperature, it works like a charm.

The baby-safe promise makes it safe to almost all ages of people. It not only supports forehead and ear function, but is able to take room/object temperature. ℃ and ℉ are easily switchable.

It has memory feature as well and you can store up to 35 readings and recall them at any time.

What’s more, it is not expensive. The price for just one kind of thermometer brings you the features of 2 types of thermometer.

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5. Enji Thermometer for People and Pets

Enji thermometer provides an accurate and fast reading in 10 seconds. You can get a free home remedies e-book with if you choose Enji, which tells common sense of body conditions and remedies.

It is suitable for oral, rectal, and armpit temperature taking. It stresses the safety to babies and is good quality.

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6. Softula Forehead Thermometer Fast Reading within 0.5 Seconds

Softula takes within 0.5 second reading for body or object, accurate to within 0.1℃. The fast makes you read the temperature without draw baby’s attention. You can use it to check their temperature at any time.

LCD Backlit Display helps clearly read the temperature even in the dark environment. There are 2 models for you to check whether the objects and people you want to take temperature from.

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7. OurWarm Forehead and Ear Thermometer for Fever

It can be used for both forehead and ear but I’d like to take temperature from ear. Because the temperature will be more accurate from ear, and there are 100pcs covers as gift to prevent bacteria.

1 second fast measurement with instant reading, and plus mute mode, just take the temperature without wake your baby up.

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Basal thermometer is enough for ordinary use if you don’t care too much about that there may be bacteria and not so hygiene. I guess this type makes the highest accuracy.

But if you mind the dirty of the contact, you can choose forehead and ear thermometers. Many thermometers have both forehead and ear models, which are more versatile.

Some thermometers don’t have the feature to switch℃ and ℉. If you are just get used to one of them, please check it carefully.

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