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The 7 best Thermos Water Bottles


I have been staying at home for around 2 months. So boring! I want to go outside and play with my friends. But I can’t because of virus. The spring comes and so great the fresh air outside is. It reminds me of the last spring outing.

Thermos Water Bottles
There is no other things will be better than riding and eating food in our city. However, one thing was missed so that the spring outing is not perfect, the vacuum bottle. I thought there should have been some small supermarkets selling water, but no as I rode to remote place and lost my way. It is exaggerated but I thought I might be dying of thirsty. I rode around 50 miles. The food was tasty but a little salty. The sunshine was good but then enough too much. But finally I survived, haha.

I want to prepare a thermos water bottle in case the same experience. Although I cannot go outside now, it will be useful after I can and I will go more than 50 miles maybe.


1. Heat Keeping Time. It is important if you want to have a coffee, tea and even instant noodles outside. A tea party under tree is a great option for spring outing as well. BTW, thermos bottle can stay water not only hot but also cold.

2. Harmless Material. Health-safety is always the priority to choose everything. The best material for bottle lid is PP. It is better that bottle is made of 304 or 316 stainless steel.

3. Easy to clean. Bottle mouth not small helps it.

Six color options make the owner looks youthful vigor. A simple surface design is relaxing that you will remove both thirsty and exhaustion.

Whinteral 40-Ounce is well leak proof. You can put in any place when you do anything and don’t afraid that the water will leak out.

It stays liquids cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours owe to double- wall vacuum insulation. The performance is quite good.

40-Ounce capacity is enough for a big drink.

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2. Drinco Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Drinco is similar to Whinteral at holding time and appearance. Compared with Whinteral 40-Ounce, Drinco just has 20 and 30 ounce options. But actually, they are both around 1 pounds.

If you take a careful look at Whinteral cap, you may find this design is likely to break. The lid of Drinco is stronger.

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3. 3.Thermos 16 Ounce Compact Bottle

It is needless to introduce the brand Thermos. They have a premium feature that the item seems small but often makes the biggest compact. Potable bottle is always popular with travelers.

There are just 2 color alternatives, silver and black. Combined with the shape, it looks mature and low-key. It is really perfect excluding a little expensive but the brand worth it.

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4. OMORC 316 Stainless Steel Water Bottle

My first impression of OMORC is texture. I almost imagine how it feels like when I touch it. What’s more, I’d like to take it on my body as a decoration instead of put it to bag.

It is made from 316 stainless steel. I mentioned it before. 316 stainless steel reaches medical grade, which is absolutely safe and durable.

OMORC is really kind to provide some extra accessories involving straw lid, straw, cup holder, cup brush, and straw brush. As a lazy boy, it saves me so much time to buy them extra.

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5. Tahoe Trails Water Bottle

Don’t miss it if you are minimalist. It looks too simple to have a logo on its body. 22 color options could be hard for people to make a decision.

But the disadvantage is that the holding time for hot is just 6 hours.

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6. King Do Way 17 oz Water Bottle

304 stainless steel is health safe. It is lightweight design that only 4.2 ounces. It is more a art than a bottle. It will become a topic when your friends see you drink.

It keeps liquids hot for up to 10 hours, whereas, it just stays cold for 9 hours. The neck is not big that not easy to clean but good to prevent spills.

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7. Takeya Originals Water Bottlr

I’m curious of why when I see Takeya, I want to say, oh it must be a thermos water bottle. The design of Takeya is like classic bottles. And when it comes to thermos water bottle, this appearance must occur to minds.

Many bottles at this price can hold pure water only. Takeya provide perfect solutions. You can use it to hold types of beverage.

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1.Please clean it before you use it at first time.

2.Water scale will decrease the heat keeping time. So please remove it sometimes.

At the end, please allow me to show you what I eat last spring outing.

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