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The 7 Practical Wireless Game Controllers


MOBA game is likely to take up all my leisure time. It doesn’t need to level up by so many tasks and nobody will be left behind if there is a long time not playing it. But it becomes a little boring these days for so many noobs and I am really angry. So I uninstall it at the moment though I will install it back soon. I begin to try other game like VR game and PS4 game. VR game needs a big space and there are not so many interesting games for it so I play it due to good novelty. And then I start PS4.

Wireless Game Controllers
Detroit: Become Human is the first one I play. The story is not bad and I get immersed in it. The projector and soundbar make the game perfect. I lay on sofa and kill the time. But this kind of game has me sleepy. I guess maybe I still prefer action game and something exciting. So I play Dark Soul III next.

My nightmare begins. It is not friendly to newbie, and even makes me mad. However, I really like the sense of attack, painting style and the BGM. As I like animation, I pay more attention on these aspects. The result is I give it up. I think I cannot make it due the wired controller. My movement range is wide so the wire always prevents me from smooth control. So I decided to buy a wireless game controller.

After it arrives, the thing goes as I expect that I still don’t conquer this game just because of my inflexible fingers and slow response. Although I won’t play this game any longer, I have to admit the wireless game controller is not bad. At least I can play Detroit: Become Human at any place with a most comfortable posture. The article shows some wireless game controllers. Hope it helps.


1. The response and stable connection are important. Compared with wired gamepad, I worry about wireless device not so responsive. If it doesn’t have good response, the game experience will not be great and smooth.

2. Battery life. The wireless joystick works with battery. I don’t like charge something at high frequency or the power is off while I almost defeat the boss. If this happens, I may smash it.

3. The hand feeling and game feeling. Good hand feeling make me better to addict to the game.

4. Sweat proof. As you know, if you are excited to play a game, you nerve will be nervous. Then there will be a lot of sweet in your hand and the coat will fade.

5. Compatibility. Some controllers I had a look at before doesn’t support PS4 and Xbox.

There are not too many options to PS4 wireless controller satisfying me. So I will show PS4 ones first and then controllers for other device. Duel shock 4 technology helps it is well compatible with PS4 and PS4 pro.

Unlike other controllers shell, Piranha Performance PS4 Wireless Controller is made by chrome plastic material, which stays your hands comfortable and keeps itself durable. But it is not the best feature of appearance. The best feature is that it can be customized according to your needs.

Image courtesy of Amazon

2. PowerLead PS4 Gamepad

It looks like not so elegant, but it is actually an affordable PS4 controllers. PowerLead PS4 Gamepad has most of features the others have. You cannot beat it for the price

Image courtesy of Amazon

3. EasySMX Dual Vibration Joystick 2 Pack

Asymmetric vibrating motor causes you to experience various degrees of vibration, for example in headshots, blasts and crashes, as if you were right in the battlefield

2.4 G Wireless Communication Technology guarantees a secure connection without interruption and provides a range of up to 10 meters (32.8 feet), allowing play from the far side of the room to enjoy the game.

It’s a perfect solution because it’s a really familiar controller configuration, so it’s always cool. For hours of play it’s easy in the palms, and takes a couple of AA batteries.

Image courtesy of Amazon

4. EasySMX Dual Vibration Joystick White

It is the same configuration as 2 pack one. But the white version looks really cool. If you choose things according to its appearance, it will be a good option.

Most of the reviews of EasySMX joystick are good. And it will exceed your expectiation. If you just need one gampad, I think the only problem is that it should be compatible with more device like PS4 and Xbox.

Image courtesy of Amazon

5. GEEKLIN interchangeable Wireless Gamepad

It is just compatible with N-Switch console /PC (Win 7/8/10)/Android tablet and smart phone, but the advantage is changeable. Whatever you like wireless or wired one, you can use it according to your request.

The triggers are a little soft but they’re sensitive and they work well. To my taste the buttons is not big enough. The analog sticks work well, and there are no odd dead spots or snapping to different directions.

Image courtesy of Amazon

6. GameSir PC Game Controller T4

GameSir T4 has a cool feature that the cover is semi-transparent. You can see the contents inside and the colorful LED backlight will make it clear in the dark.

It is specially designed for PC but also works with Switch. Due to MCU chip, it provides you faster response and higher performance.

The controller’s buttons at the back are rolling, so you can’t click the 4 at the same time, but just 1 per hand. No matter what happens to the cable or the dongle, a USB jack is needed. No Bluetooth anyway. You may need an adapter or an OTG cable, the same as for smartphones.

Image courtesy of Amazon

7. SteelSeries Stratus XL Bluetooth Controller

If you prefer a Bluetooth controller, please be careful don’t choose a cheap one, or it causes issues. SteelSeries Stratus Bluetooth Controller is awesome among Bluetooth gamepad and just as responsive as the major consoles.

What’s more, the 2 included AA batteries support 40 hours non-stop gaming. So you don’t worry about the power is off while you are playing game with happiness.

It says Android, Windows, and VR supported, but in fact it supports more devices like iPhone.

Image courtesy of Amazon


Please choose the one compatible with your devices. If you don’t think wireless controller is that convenient, you can still choose wired one.

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