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The 8 Best Luggage Trackers in 2022


I am very sorry that something happened in my life that I was particularly distressed about. I raised the Golden Retriever for 6 years and lost it overnight. I don’t know if he was caught or lost himself. I did not find him everywhere. I was sad for a long time. He makes me happy, and understands me very well. When I am happy, he plays with me, and when I am sad, he stays with me, and I really miss it, but I know he will never come back any more.

Luggage Trackers
In our daily life, it is really common for us to lose something around us, like important partners, and even accidentally lose our children. I think this is very dangerous. When I realized this, I quickly looked for some equipment to track people or things that were very important to me. I think it will keep me from the same sadness while I lost my dog.

The smart luggage tracker really helped me solve this big problem. I no longer have to worry that my dog will be lost, my luggage will be left at the airport, my keys will be forgotten, and my grandmother may get lost then could not find the way home.

Nowadays, there are more and more types of luggage trackers on the market. How to choose one that suits you becoming a big problem. If you choose the wrong one, you will not only have a bad use, but also waste your money.

I have done a lot of research on this product, and I think I am qualified to publish some opinions and introduce some different types to ensure that they are reliable.

There are two kinds of smart luggage trackers:

GPS tracker:

I think GPS tracker is the best luggage tracker, as it can track your luggage, other items and even partners anywhere. GPS is a method to directly connect to the satellite to locate and monitor the place. You can even monitor their location with the mobile phone application to the exact street and corner. Its only defect is that it may be blocked by mountains and huge buildings so not too accurate. There will be monthly fees for GPS tracker.

Bluetooth tracker:

The Bluetooth tracker is better for tracking things that you usually carry not too far to you, such as the keys, small objects, dogs and children. It connects to mobile phones or other smart devices via Bluetooth. These Bluetooth trackers have a working range of just a few hundred inches. Some trackers will also send an alarm when the object is out of this range.

Smart baggage tracker purchase guide:

Tracking range: The GPS tracker can certainly track anywhere in the world, but you may need to select a range that you can accept for the Bluetooth tracker. Of course, the GPS tracker will be relatively expensive in price.

Size and weight: The size and weight of the tracker is very important. The small size and light weight tracker can be put in your pocket or hang on the keychain at any time. They are not easy to be stolen and destroyed. The slightly larger tracker also performs other unexpected functions.

Function: Mainly depends on your own needs. If you are a person who often carries luggage on a business trip, it is recommended that you purchase a GPS tracker. If you are just staying at home and go out shopping now and then, you can purchase a Bluetooth tracking Device.

Battery type and life: The tracking device used in the luggage case is best to have a longer battery life. Rechargeable battery is one of the best choices. If it is a non-replaceable battery, it will cause you some trouble in the future.

Budget: Budget is necessary for you to choose each product. Remember not to blindly follow the trend, but choose a price that you can accept.

Cube is a tracker that I think it is more suitable for locating items such as keys and mobile phones. This is a tiny and super thin tracker.

You can put it in a phone shell, tablet bag, wallet and almost anywhere you can. You can install and connect this product through the mobile application, and then the harsh ringtones will work after the things you want to protect are out of the target range.

It has a detection range of 200 feet, which is more suitable for tracking in a small area, and it can be used for 2 months with full power.

Image courtesy of Amazon

2. Findkey Item Key Tracker Locator

Findkey Item Key Tracker Locator has four receivers and a remote control transmitter, which is totally equal to you have four trackers together.

Each receiver has a different color, corresponding to the color button on the transmitter. It makes the operation very simple. You can hang it on the key, wallet, mobile phone, stroller, dog, etc. separately.

The detection range is 20-30 meters. If you want to know where your things are, just press the corresponding button, it will make a loud sound, allowing you to immediately find out where they are.

It is a removable battery, and you need to replace it when it runs out.

This tracker is very suitable for the elderly or forgetful people.

Image courtesy of Amazon

3. Tile Pro (2020) – 2 Pack

Tile Pro has the longest range of Bluetooth trackers I have found, with a distance of 400 feet.

As long as you buy it, it proves that you have both black and white trackers. You can set up two activation programs on your phone.

It has a hole that you can use a rope to tie it where you need to prevent it from losing.

This tracker is equipped a replaceable battery. It is estimated that it needs to be replaced once a year, which reduces your burden.

I recommend it to friends who have a large house, like walking their dogs and take baby outside.

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4. PRIMETRACKING Personal GPS Tracker – Mini

PRIMETRACKING Personal GPS Tracker-Mini is a GPS global positioning luggage tracker. It is very lightweight, and you can put it wherever you want. It is friendly to all kinds of bags. As long as it is in the range of GPS, you can track and locate it at any time.

It can help you find luggage at the airport and is designed for travelers who carry luggage. The setting is easy and tracking is simple.

Its battery is rechargeable, which takes about 2-3 hours to be fully charged and can maintain a running time of 10-15 days.

You need to pay $ 25 per month, or you can take a 6-month renew for $ 20 per month. Of course you can cancel it at any time.

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5. Spytec GL300 GPS Tracker

Spytec GL300 GPS Tracker is only 2 inches long and very small, so it can be easily put in a pocket, wallet and bag. The device is ideal for tracking vehicles, and a magnetic waterproof case can be placed under the car.

When you put the tracker in one place, you only need to track its accurate location through any device like your phone, tablet, and computer. You can set a special alarm to receive text or email when the tracker reaches a specific location.

The battery life is just 2 weeks, so you need to pay much attention. This is a popular tracking method, but the monthly fee is a bit high.

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6. AMERICALOC GL300W Mini Portable Tracker

AMERICALOC GL300W Mini Portable Tracker is the most expensive GPS tracker I have found, but I think you will not find a better one than it. It provides real-time tracking and allows you to view the history of the whole year.

This is the version with the longest battery life. It uses signals from different mobile operators for transmission (extended coverage). This is a new version. There is no activation and hidden fees. Battery life is measured in days or even weeks that $ 25 per month or even less. Amazon will add extra 2 months to your first buy.

Its greatest feature is that when you move at any time, it is also being updated quickly.

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7. LandAirSea 54 Waterproof Magnet Mount GPS Tracker

This is a GPS tracker for US families only. With this tracker, tracking a specific person or thing is also an easy job. You can monitor whether your child is home safely after school to wipe your worry.

54 can provide location updates every 3 seconds, so you can easily track fast-moving people, assets, and vehicles. In addition, the included LandAirSea SilverCloud software allows you to set a geographic boundary (geographic fence) around your location and be notified when someone or other objects move out of these areas.

This is a magnetic waterproof device, which is specially designed to bear terrible condition.

In order to extend battery life and improve tracking accuracy, 54 is built-in accelerometer, which can detect motion to trigger turn on / off the power of the device according to whether the tracker is moving.

Image courtesy of Amazon

8. Samsung SM-V110AZWAATT SmartThings Tracker

This is a tracker made by Samsung. The most surprising aspect is that it uses LTE instead of Bluetooth for tracking. It means you can track a larger range.

I found it very easy to install the app and connect the device to the phone. The tracker is small and easy to hide in the backpack.

I really like that it has SOS function, your children can press the power button twice to send SOS message and location.

But its power consumption is a bit large.

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Putting luggage tracker in your luggage or hiding it in another place is convenient for life, and you don’t have to worry about losing important things. Although you spent some money, it may save you unnecessary trouble in the future. I think you will like one of them.

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