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Amazing Racks and Shelves That Help Save Space


When I just graduated and had no job, I rent a small room less than 10 square meters. It was so hard to put my all kinds of things into the small room, so I tried to find a solution. As a result, I found so many types of racks and other things that greatly help save space.

The first one I bought was a line of hook. I extremely like it for it has a so small volume but it helps to hang many things. Unlike other hooks which stick to the wall, you can hang this one over the door. It is so flexible that you can move it at any time. And when you move to a new room, you can take it with you. I use the hook for 4 years and every time I move, I will take it.

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My favorite one is a small and simple rack. It is made just from some planks and some screws and it is simple to assemble it. I spent just less than 5 minutes. The rack is like block so that you can make it in different style. I made it in this way. I put plant on the top of it, the perfume on the middle of it and some skin care products on its bottom. It is not only elegant but also space saving.

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I guess this rack will come to all of your houses. That is shoe rack. I just had three pairs of shoes before I had a job. After I had a job, I had revenue and I gradually found that I’m crazy for shoes and I bought shoes every months. So I had to purchase a shoe rack. I literally like it. I can put both my shoes and other things on it and it doesn’t take up too much space.

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The wardrobe provided in rental housing is always not big enough to put all my clothes and bedding. In order to give them a place, I bought a clothes pole. Compared to wardrobe, the pole only needs a small place. You can hang many clothes on it but the drawback is that it is not dustproof. So I always hang the clothes that I often wear on it.

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There is a rack that can be used universally. Due to this nature, a universal rack with wheels is perfect. You can put it in kitchen, washroom, bedroom, and anywhere in your house. You don’t get trouble in how to choose a rack. You can put pot, grocery and even shoes on it. The only drawback is that it can be just put on the ground.

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That’s all I had at the moment. If I find new great racks, I will update. And if you think something good but not mentioned here, don’t hesitate to let me know.

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