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Best Portable Photo Printers


I went travelling with my friend serval months ago. We took many photos with our phones. However my phone fell down and broken down after the day I was back. I asked my friend to share the phones he took. After I got the photos from him, I was shocked. So ugly!

Portable Photo Printers
Every photo of me is not good but of him is handsome. Fine, I learned that only selfie would satisfy me.

Since then, I began to search some products to avoid things like that. The portable photo printer caught my eyes. It is convenient to take it everywhere for its light weight. And it prints photos in a quick speed meanwhile the quality is not bad. What’s more, with some mobile applications, I can edit them while back to hotel with no other things to do. On this condition, I guess every moment won’t be lost again, especially mine. I’m just joking.

Actually, the moment with your family, friends and even passer-by is valuable. The portable photo printer makes it possible to print the moment whenever you want. Then you can keep them as collection, and you can give them out as a gift. In the process of picking up a portable photo printer, I found something useful and convenient. Hope it is also helpful to you.

Product Dimensions: 0.9 x 2.9 x 4.7 inchesWeight: 6.6 ounces
Print Size: 2×3 InchesPrint Speed: 55 seconds
Battery: Rechargeable 500 mAh Lithium Polymer Prints per Charge: 25
Connection: Bluetooth, NFCOS: iOS/Android
App: Polaroid ZIP App
Zero ink is an outstanding feature of Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer. The principle is that the heat activates the molecules in the dye of ZINK paper and then changes colors to create an image. It means no ink cartridges, toners or ribbons, and that environmentally friendly and economical.

Polaroid sells premium ZINK paper. You can buy according to your needs that they sell 20/30/50 pieces of paper per pack. The paper is waterproof, crease-resistant, and dry kept. You can never see dirty marks after you get a picture from the printer. Meanwhile, it has sticky peel back paper. You can peel if off and stick it to the place you prefer. It is so convenient to be used as decoration for home, school and office.

You can connect it with smartphone and pad via Bluetooth and NFC. So that you save a space should be for data cable when go outside.

Edition is significant if you need a perfect image. Polaroid app supports it. It is very interesting to make creatives for the photo and you will get a picture with not only real, but also funny.

Image courtesy of Amazon

2. Polaroid Mint Pocket Printer

Product Dimensions: 4.5 x 3.0 x 0.7 inchesWeight: 5.7 ounces
Print Size: 2×3 InchesPrint Speed: 55 seconds
Battery: Rechargeable 900 mAh Lithium Polymer Prints per Charge: 50
Connection: BluetoothOS: iOS/Android
Polaroid Mint Pocket Printer matches the name. It is small you can put it into the pocket. It is suitable for the youth. They can control it easily and it looks so fashion that no youth can escape from its charm.

It is a most attractive item in the article. The color options include red, blue, yellow, black and white.

The same environmentally friendly and economical as Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer, it also has the Zink technology. It provides amazing high quality and convenient printing results.

Please note that the battery life will decrease even you don’t use it. Therefore if you don’t use if frequently, please charge it first.

Image courtesy of Amazon

3. Fujifilm INSTAX Share SP-2 Photo Printer

Product Dimensions: 7.1 x 5 x 3 inchesWeight: 8.6 ounces
Print Size: 2.1×3.4 InchesPrint Speed: 30 seconds
Battery: Rechargeable NP-45S 700 mAh Lithium Metal App: Fujifilm SHARE App
Connection: WifiOS: iOS/Android
If you pay attention to details, no doubt that Fujifilm INSTAX Share SP-2 Photo Printer will satisfy you. It makes incredible high-resolution images with print pixels of 800 x 600 dots and print-resolution of 320 dpi.

10 seconds, that’s all time you should wait for after you select the image on your phone and be holding a new print. How does it make it? The Instax Share SP-2 uses a new laser exposure system. What’s more, the Instax system produces colors by delivering the light to pigments and makes chemical reactions. In this way, it keeps the loss of sharpness and color fading because of age.

Image courtesy of Amazon

4. Kodak Mini 2 HD Wireless Instant Printer

Product Dimensions: 1 x 3 x 5.2 inchesWeight: 8.4 ounces
Print Size: 2.1 x 3.4 InchesPrint Speed: 50 seconds
Connection: NFCOS: iOS/Android
Kodak Mini 2 HD Wireless Instant Printer connects to your phone and pad wireless via the NFC One Touch app. It is really easy to set.

The Kodak Mini 2 is a upgraded version of Mini. Mini 2 is 6 ounce lighter than Mini but with better quality and performance. And it demonstrates a new technology. It doesn’t use film and Zink, but works with a single cartridge mechanism which houses both the paper and the ink. So it is portable as well.

Besides the new technology mentioned above, Kodak enjoys another technology called 4-pass. It is an interesting way to work in real life. The paper pops in and out of four times. The printer adds one layer for the first third times and puts a transparent layer finally. This behavior increases the storage life of the photos.

Image courtesy of Amazon

5. Lifeprint 2×3 Portable Photo and Video Printer

Product Dimensions: 0.9 x 3 x 4.6 inchesWeight: 6.4 ounces
Print Size: 2×3 InchesPrint Speed: 30 seconds
Connection: Bluetooth, NFCOS: iOS/Android
Lifeprint Printer provides AR technology, which makes it possible to generate hyper photos. When you direct these photos with your phone’s camera, they will be like life give. Of course, if you don’t like AR function, you can printer photos in a normal way.

Lifeprint app brings another feature that you can share the image directly with the ones who also use the same app. You don’t need to send it to another app and after that you only can share them.

Image courtesy of Amazon

6. Canon IVY Mobile Mini Photo Printer

Product Dimensions: 4.7 x 3.2 x 0.7 inchesWeight: 5.6 ounces
Print Size: 2×3 InchesPrint Speed: 44 seconds
App: Canon Mini Print Prints per Charge: 20
Connection: BluetoothOS: iOS/Android
Canon IVY also uses Zink technology. So you know what I will say. It is environmentally friendly and economical. The printer resolution is 314X400 dpi that the photo quality won’t let you down.

Canon IVY offers three color options which are mint green, rose gold and slate gray. All of them looks great and relaxing.

It only supports Bluetooth connection, but allows you to connect to several cloud and social media including OneDrive,Google Cloud Print,Facebook and Instagram. Don’t hesitate share them with you family, friends and fans.

There is a unique feature of its Mini Print app. It helps create larger images or collages by tiling or connecting multiple photos at their edges. In order to compose the larger images, you can just cut it into four pieces and stick them back after you get it from printer. It is really a competitive feature that makes it outstanding from other products.

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Canon and Polaroid are the best choice for environmentalists and also for who prefer small size and light printers. Lifeprint is great for impatient people as it prints in a fast speed. Fujifilm is suitable for those focus much on details.

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