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How to build self confidence


If you click in this article, you are almost likely a person not that confident. I know it since I was.

It is not an easy thing to build self confidence in a short time. But as long as you want to change and make efforts on it, you will success.

Why are you supposed to become confident?

Confidence is a kind of power for me to do everything well. When people say something like “have a good day”, and “hope you are doing well”, do you feel like the day go worst? That’s because for a people not confident, it is hard to enjoy a wonderful day.

I wanted to be confident just as I want to say “Thank you, I do have a good day” to these greetings. I don’t know your reason, but no one will reject to have a good day right?

Why are you not confident and how to make changes?

1. Born in a not rich or even poor family

Whatever you are in school, or step into society, people always try to keep up with the Joneses.

If the people around you are rich and they like talking something about money, big house, luxury cars and more, it is a trend for you to feel timid and want to stay away from that environment.

There are several ways to change the situation.

At first, you must admit the fact you were born in a not rich family cannot be changed and the only thing you can change is yourself. Money is a must, but life is not all about money. Setting up a correct value of money will relieve your unconfidence.

Another way is try to make much more money and then you will be rich someday. But you should know that there is always someone richer than you.

So you need to stop once you reach a goal, or you will be crazy. You just want to be confident but not the richest in the world.

2. Plain looking

Many people want to be pretty since it makes them popular. The word “homely” leads to loneliness and ridicule. When you get used to suffering, you will lose confidence one day.

The first thing I want to share is the appearance is not the only thing to get you beauty. Try to be an interesting person, which will be more useful.

But if it is hard for you to change your nature, you can do something to make you better looking.

It is the aspect that easiest to change. If you don’t have a nice body shape, you can do exercise. If you don’t have straight teeth, try orthodontic treatment to have your teeth straightened. If you don’t have cute face, learn how to make up, and skin care.

But I have to note that you have to make efforts

3. Being bullied and insulted

Bully exists around the world, though it is such a bad thing.

There are various reasons that people are bullied. The significance is that if you are not confidence, you will mostly be possible to be the bullied.

Remember that everyone has feelings, and no one has rights to bully and insult others. So be confident and tell those sillies.

If it is not useful, then OK, just escape from the case.

4. You don’t find your talent.

When I was a child, I just didn’t study well. But my parents often reprimanded me that why I did everything badly when I made mistakes. As a result, I thought I was a bad child and I couldn’t do a thing well.

It experienced a long time before I realized I could sing well. After I found it, I like singing so much. When people listen to my singing, they tell me I sing well, and I get praise. Yes, praise brings me confidence.

Everyone has talent or good point, try to notice that and you will have a big turn.

5. No Reason

If you have no confidence with no reason, make a psychological hint that you are confident. If you persist in doing this for a period, you will truely turn confident.

Try to observe or imitate someone with confidence. You will find the secret from them.


Confidence is about mental health. When you build self-confidence successfully, you will live a better life. I just list some common cases and solutions. If you are facing a more serious problem or the solutions above not work, go to see a psychologist.

It is a long-term struggle with yourself. Hope you can become confident and doing everything well someday.

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