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How to Convert Youtube to MP3 Free


Do you want a program or an application that can convert YouTube videos to MP3? Actually, many YouTube MP3 converters can also work on common-used websites like Facebook, Twitter, Dailymotion, Instagram, Vimeo etc. to convert not just YouTube to MP3 videos.

Sadly, a lot of the free YouTube-to-mp3 converters in Google’s searches are spamming pop-ups. Some people even need to download desktop software that is not suitable.

In order to avoid a not good experience, we will show you the best, fast, free, easy-to-use, and really online converters from YouTube to mp3, so that you do not have to utilize external software.

You could have different purpose to download MP3 or other audio formats from YouTube Video but get lost in the tons of YouTube Music downloaders.

In the following tutorial we will list a site for YouTube to MP3 in order to show you the best way to download YouTube to mp3 for free.

YouTube Premium

Before looking for a YouTube mp3 converter, you are supposed to know the official way to download the YouTube video. That is YouTube Premium. However, it only works for mobile devices. YouTube Premium Service provides ad-free and download service.

If you don’t mind it is a charged service and it doesn’t support download music to desktop, it is absolutely the best choice that you don’t need to worry about anything.



  • Free to use
  • Safe and Fast
  • No pop ads
  • Easy to use


1. Copy the YouTube URL you want download to mp3 here

2. Click the button to make analysis. It always just takes 1 second

3. Choose MP3 format and click download

You can choose more alternatives here.


There is more music on YouTube than on other sites. Looking at the top 5 most widely seen all-time YouTube videos, you should be too astonished if they’re all music videos.

But without the YouTube app, you can’t listen to it. Not without payment on YouTube Premium, at least. Sometimes, online converter of YouTube to MP3 is just more convenient.

However, the YouTube Service Terms expressly forbid unlawful download, distribution and sale of videos. Make sure that you have permission from the copyright owner.

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