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How to Fall Asleep?


I’m a little sensitive to weather. If the rain comes at night or midnight, I will be extremely excited somehow and it is hard for me to fall asleep.

Apart from this, an interview tomorrow, a thing annoying me today, and having a great fun before sleep, so many factors prevent me from a good dream.

Losing sleep for so many times make me have abundant experience to fall asleep. I will share with you guys about it.

I have to stress I don’t have an insomnia. If you have it or get on a more serious condition, please go to see a doctor. The article is just about some ways for people who cannot sleep now and then.

Common Harms from Lack of Sleep

Losing sleep for 1 or 2 times seems not a problem for your body, but if you have important things in the second day, it will be troublesome. I can’t explain the harms so scientifically, but just by my experience.

The direct harm you may feel is that you will not be so energetic. Whatever you are doing in the day time, you will feel sleepy and distracted. The symptom shows different since people have different constitutions.

Someone may feel quite excited and nervous. Anyway, your mental state will be not as healthy as it is when you enjoy a sweet dream.

The second one is that you don’t look pretty as usual. Dark cycles, bags, pimples and puffy due to less sleep will show on your face.

Probability of heart disease or something else will be increased after a long-time under sleep.

Factors for Sleepless

It is quite complicated to explain why people cannot fall asleep. In my view, it may be caused by mental state and physical condition. You may get it already.

For example, if you have a dating tomorrow, you become excited and you spend the whole night to fantasize what will happen the next day. If you catch a cold, you may have a stuffy nose and sore throat. It is really difficult to sleep.

How to Fall Asleep

The things should be avoid

1. Don’t do anything that prevents you from a peace mind. Such as strenuous exercise, exciting game, and watching a scary movie.

2. Don’t drink too much water or something else. Otherwise, every time when you will almost fall asleep, you may want to go to toilet. According to my experience, stop drinking for 1-2 hours before sleep.

3. Don’t stay up late. It is better to go to bed before 11:00pm. If you stay up late, you will be sleepy but hard to fall asleep.

4. Don’t leave the light on when you sleep since the light will decrease the secretion of melatonin which helps inhibit excitement.

The things worth trying

1. Relax every parts of your body. It is the best way for me to fall asleep. I will relax my body from hair to toes. In the process, I found I always frown, clench the teeth and fist. The reaction tells me that I’m tense and that’s why I cannot sleep.

2. Read a book that you are not interested before sleep. When I fail to sleep, I like reading history book. It well works to make me sleepy.

3. Slow down everything in your mind. If you think a thing with normal speed, try to think with 0.5-time speed or slower.

4. Counting sleep is useful sometimes. In addition, you can think everything but just one thing in mind. Such as I like imaging I’m a bird. Before I fall asleep, I just think I’m a bird.

5. Drink milk to make more melatonin. But don’t drink it before you are going to sleep soon.

6. Do a massage. You can ask a professional masseur to do this. It is likely to sleep fast after a enjoyable massage


Most of ways I mentioned above is about mental part. If you just fail to sleep not so often, try these ways. And the key is “Relax”.

Sometimes one of them works, sometimes others work. It is up to the exact condition. Maybe you have more good ideas to share with me?

If you have physical sick or strong insomnia, it is important to see a doctor.

Hope you guys have a good dream tonight!

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