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How to Get a New Good Job When You Have Experience


I guess most of you want to live without working, but you must know the old proverb: no pain, no gain.

The first thing you should know is that most of you have to work for living. And the second truth you should realize is that your first job is always not so good.

In order to get a great job you want, you have to think about it even before you step in society.

When you are supposed to think about your career?

It is hard to say since everyone has different natures. If you have a dream like being a doctor, a teacher, a lawyer or something else, you have to think about it from your student time and you need to study hard and you perhaps will do the same thing in the whole life

But if you have no dreams and just take the job as a living method, think twice about the industry, your advantages, the position you like and more when you try to get the first job.

What you should do when you have no experience?

If you have a dream, it is easy to make choice about every step in your life. So the next things I will talk about are for those who don’t have dream but want satisfying jobs.

Imaging that you get the first job, and then you will find there are so many positions in an industry. What’s more, there are also a lot of industries related to the current one, which means it is impossible to separate your position and industry as an independent aspect.

It means you can evaluate if you will stay in the same industry, work as the same position or something else.

Choose to develop your career in a vertical or horizontal way

Choosing a vertical career development means you will stay in the same or similar position in the same or similar industry.

The benefits are that you will be super professional on some aspects, and your salary will be higher when you change a job, in addition, head hunters will connect to you when from your second or third job. You won’t need to worry about you can’t get a job in the future.

However, no one is able to predict the future, which means you will lose job and have to learn from the beginning when the industry you work in declines, the same thing to your position.

If you choose vertical development, the significance is that you should be careful and cautious when you choose the industry and position.

Another way to protect you from industry being languished is developing your career horizontally. You need to try different industries and positions.

But please note it is better to try related ones to them as it is a high risk to try total different things unless you think you hate the first job and want to do more try to find out what you want.

The bad thing in this way is that the salary will not be so good, and many companies will reject you for no experience.

For example, I worked as a SEOer, when I hoped to change the position to a BDM, I was declined by over 10 companies and being unemployed for half a year.

But the good point is now I have experience of SEO, SEM, business development, affiliate manager, etc. I don’t worry about being eliminated someday. And the salary becomes high, although it takes me over 5 years.

How to get a new good job when you have experience

Business ability is the most important thing. You have to learn and do everything well in your jobs.

With outstanding ability, you will be confident and have qualification to ask a competitive salary package. It needs time and please don’t leave your job when you just work for 1 month or 2 months.

Save money when you decide to change a job. Some people will look for job while they don’t leave the current job. Actually, it is not an efficient way to get a new job. And also, why not have a long rest before start the next job?

I will always have a holiday for myself for at least 1 month. When I feel boring in a holiday and use out of my money, it quite drives me to find a job and immerge into the new job.

And the fact is that if you have enough saving, you have enough time to find a proper job, but not make a decision in haste.


To get a new good job when you have experience, you need to make a career plan at first, then obtain good skill of the industry and position, and save money for having enough time to get the job you really want.

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