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How to Pick a Good Watermelon


It is summer. When it comes to summer, you will never miss a type of fruit – watermelons! Watermelons are cool, sweet, juicy and they greatly relieve thirst and burning. Do you know how to pick a good watermelon? I’m going to share some tips here.

The secret is that makes comparison among several watermelons, but not only one. Then do the next things.

1. Touch them

If you feel some of them smooth, which shows they are ripe, then don’t hesitate to pick them. The right ripe watermelon always has a better texture and sweeter.

2. Have a look at the shape

The head and bottom of a ripe one always have a similar shape but not like conic. And if the whole watermelon looks regular and plump, they are ripe.

3. See the stem

The seller will keep the stem since it is good for reserve the watermelon. When you observe it, you will find some of the stems are straight and others are curl. The straight stem means male and the curl stem means it is a female. Female watermelon is always sweeter. So pick a curl one.

Besides, the stem of the ripe one is always dry and yellow-brown.

4. Judge by its weight

You can pick up watermelons of equal size, the lighter one is the riper one as the water will convert to sugar during the process of getting ripe. But don’t pick one that is too much light. I guess you know that a overriper watermelon tastes not that good.

5. Check the watermelon stripe

You are supposed to choose a melon with a strong and continuous pattern of stripes. The green bands must be deep, dark green whereas the lighter bands must be creamy, light yellow. You may also wish to select a stupid watermelon that looks like. It is probably underripe if the melon is particularly bright.

6. Inspect field spot

Find the big, discolored area, also called the field spot. This marking indicates where the watermelon stays while it turns ripe. Choose a yellow and creamy one.


Watermelon is superb but you should know that diarrhea is common in summer, especially if you eat too many watermelons. When you enjoy it, don’t forget to control that.

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