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How to Take Screenshots on PC


Windows 10 offers a number of options for capturing a screen image of things on your computer screen.

I guess some of you know some methods but just know 1 or 2. If you change a system that you are not familiar with it, you will be confused to screenshot.

To help you make it clear, I’d like to show you several ways to take screenshots on PC.

Screen printing

Print Screen (PrtScn) key is the quickest way to capture a screensaver on Windows 10. Press PrtScn on the top right of your keyboard to capture the full screen. If it is not here, just try to find the key with PrtScn on it.

You may save your Clipboard to the screenshot. In order to save the file, paste the screenshot in any software you prefer Microsoft Word or Paint to insert your pictures.

Print Screen + Windows

Press the Windows key + PrtScn to start screenshoting on Windows 10 and save the file automatically.

Your screen will be dark and the full screen shot will be saved to the folder Photos > Screenshots.

Alt + Screen Print

Press Alt + PrtScn to capture and copy only the window that is active in your Clipboard. To save it, you must paste it into a different application.

Snip & Sketch tool

Snip & Sketch is the ideal approach for Windows screenshoting when you want to adjust, annotate or share your screen shots.

Use Windows Key + Shift + S to enable Snip & Sketch. You have the choice to take a rectangle, free-form, window or full-screen capture with your screen dim and a tiny menu appears at the top of your screen.

You may pick how you want a screenshot with these Snip & Skitch options:

The snapshot is saved to the clipboard once you have captured, and in the lower right of your screen a preview message will display.

To launch Snip & Sketch app, click on the preview notice and edit the screenshot with the tools offered for sketching prior to saving or sharing

Windows Game Bar

The Game Bar is an overlay that you can snap screenshots and record video using most Windows 10 apps and games. Press Windows Key + G to open the Game Bar.

To take a complete screenshot, click the camera symbol in the overlay menu. Also, by tapping the record button, you may record a video clip by clicking the microphone symbol to add the audio.

In Videos -> Captures folder, screenshots and video clips taken by the Game Bar is saved in PNG format. The Game Bar may also be seen under the snapshot and recording buttons by choosing “Show all captures.”

Volume Up + Power

Press the Power Button and Volume Up button in order to snap a screenshot of Windows 10 with Microsoft Surface. Your snapshot will diminish and store to the folder Pictures > Screenshots.

Tool to snip

Although Snip & Sketch is finally replacing the Snipping tool on Windows, the old Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista utility may still be used.

You will need to find it using the search bar to activate the Snipping Tool. You may modify your screenshot using the “Mode” button and click “new” to pick up your display.

The drop-down selection “Delay” also allows you to save up to five seconds. You will open it in a new window once you capture your snapshot, so you may annotate it, save it, or share it with Microsoft Outlook.

Third-party applications

If you’re not happy with any of the built-in Windows techniques, it is worth investigating third-party screenshot programs, each with its own supplements.

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