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The 7 Best Yoga Pants for Men in 2022


There was an awkward thing that my trousers broke when I do squat. Actually I felt my trousers a little tight before, but I let it was. I didn’t know tight clothes may damage body then. I’m lazy so I don’t want to change trousers after work. And then I like doing exercise with my jeans. After the jeans break, I realized I have to buy a pair of loose and soft yoga pants for exercise.

Yoga pants
I bought a pair of shorts for summer use and trousers for winner. I don’t wear anything when it is too hot home if there is nobody at my home. I like sweating. But sweats may get the mat dirty so it is necessary for me to wear shirts and pants to prevent it.

I tried them when I did exercise. I felt more relaxed than before I wearing jeans. There is not any uncomfortable. So amazing! Although there is not too much to say about choosing yoga pants, I’d like to share some I wanted before.


Do you want shorts or long pants? If you want to be more comfortable, choose shorts, which will allow you to fully relax your thighs. Of course, if you are in the cool outdoors, it is better that you choose long pants.

Sweat wicking: It is very important for pants to wick sweat. Whether it has a good sweat wicking function depends on the material and workmanship of the pants. If you are a sweaty physique, simply choose yoga pants with good sweat absorption.

Drawstring: The drawstring of a good yoga pants can fix the pants firmly on you, which can avoid unnecessary embarrassment.

Color: I suggest that you choose dark-colored yoga pants, so that if you sweat too much, you can prevent the yoga pants from becoming transparent, leading to exposure.

I personally like to wear shorts to do exercise, which allows me to move more easily and freely. We are often confused to find a pair of shorts that suits us. This one I recommend for you today, made of a good antibacterial fabric feels like a soft terry cloth. And the inner liner of shorts is not easy to move, which makes it more convenient for you to do exercise.

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2. PrAna Men’s Sutra Pants

This pair of pants is not only suitable for yoga classes, it is also very suitable for travel, because they are light-weight, and you do not need to carry heavy luggage.

Its design and fabrics are suitable for wearing in tropical areas, and it is both light and breathable. It has a variety of colors to choose from, so you can buy a few different ones and change them.

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3. Champion Men’s Open Bottom Jersey Pant

Champion is a famous company, which is ahead of other brands in the field of sports equipment and clothing. It provides athletes and sports enthusiasts with some of the best trusted sportswear.

It is cotton pants, and its structure ensures that your body is well ventilated and avoids extreme tension when exercising.

The pants have a belt inside, so you can easily wear it. Adjustability ensures that you will feel comfortable every time.

It also has a function of its side pockets, which can be used to put your keys and credit cards. It is also suitable for cycling and weightlifters.

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4. Hoerev Men’s Super-Soft Pants

It is a pair of super loose yoga trousers, and its material is super soft. You can wear it for yoga or Pilates anytime and anywhere. Its gorgeous design makes you feel like a yoga master.

It is also suitable for wearing at home, with very fantastic flexibility. There are multiple colors for you to choose.

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5. YogaAddict Men’s Yoga Long Pants

This is very affordable cotton long pants. YogaAddict uses a combination of cotton and spandex. Although the pants are a bit thick, they are extremely soft and smooth, and are also suitable for wearing at home and exercising in cool weather.

It is available in dark brown, gray, navy blue and black. Its two outer pockets are very shallow on the sides, so it is not suitable for carrying what you want to bring. The drawstring waist belt can be tightly fixed in place when bending and twisting, and you will like their slack making it very free without loosening or sagging.

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6. YOGA CROW Mens Swerve Shorts

This is a mid-level yoga shorts. YOGA CROW is a brand of yoga shorts specially made for men. It is made of high-quality materials nylon and polyester, making it stretchable and lightweight. It also has quick-drying and sweat wicking features.

The belt is tight enough to hold the shorts in place and has a drawstring to increase safety.

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7. Southpole Men’s Active Basic Jogger Fleece Pants

Southpole men’s Active Basic jogger fleece pants are the most affordable pants, with a price of less than $ 20, and 18 colors for you to choose.

If you only do yoga or exercise occasionally, and don’t want to invest too much in this, then this is your best choice. Although it is more like sports pants, you can still wear it freely and comfortably.

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I made a mistake that did sports with tight clothes. It is not only just break clothes but also not good for health as it will obstruct blood circulation and cause damage to body.

It is absolutely more comfortable to wear nothing in hot weather when you do exercise if you know how to exercise with correct action to avoid damage to your body.

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