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Top 5 Best Animal Shelter Software


The job of running a business is not easy. For that, digital software is the best way to keep things in order.

Because the machine could go out at any time, they were unreliable at first. But now, thanks to cloud integration, everything is safe.

With the right software for animal shelters, the organization’s efficiency can be increased and the processes streamlined.

So, we need the right software to manage and control the whole animal shelter. The best software for animal shelters is out there, and we’ll tell you about it in this article.

It will help you keep track of everything from volunteers to donors and more.

1. ShelterBuddy

Using ShelterBuddy software, you can find out about animal shelters and animal monitoring agencies and how they can help you.

ShelterBuddy enables you to keep track of pets, find volunteers, donate, and more. Its pro result also has more developed shelters and animal control tools, and smaller system-express rescue parties.


  • ShelterBuddy was the first software that had electronic signatures as part of its system for animal protection, which is how it works now.
  • Google Maps can check the addresses you enter and then use plotting to show trouble areas on the map.
  • With an addon module from a public site, you can show adoptable animals on your site.
  • There is a monitor that you can put on the kennel wall to show you the information about the animal that is in there.

2. Shelterluv

The software is easy to use and can run animal shelters, record payments, communicate with volunteers, adopters, foster parents, and more.

Besides, it has a lot of good things about it. It’s easy to add or remove information about an animal’s location, health, behavior, and adoption from each profile.

The search function works well, and lists are easy to make with the help of the tool.


  • People can quickly and easily see how much space and time a parent has and their preferences from the home screen.
  • As soon as you add a new pet to Petfinder or adopt it, it will automatically be added to adoptions, rescue groups, and your site.
  • Configured digital apps make it easier for applicants to keep track of their information. With one click, the contact information is stored.
  • Tasks are organized and can be done alone or with a group in real-time. Every time a job is done, the animal record is automatically updated.

3. sheltermanager.com

ShelterManager.com is a secure, well-managed rescue group, an online solution for animal shelters and areas where animals are taken care of.

Furthermore, it gives you tools to keep track of animals that come into your consideration, report on their welfare and medical needs, publicize adoptable animals online, and more.


  • All operating systems, tablets, and smartphones work with this (including Windows, Mac, and Linux).
  • Translated into 15 languages, it works in many places, like the USA, Canada, the UK, and so on.
  • ASM can get applications from your website. You can make your forms filled out and send them to ASM.
  • Adoptable animal site creation can be added to your website hosted with us or in an iframe that you put on your website.
  • To make secure electronic signatures, you can use any device. Paper is not needed.

4. Buzz to the Rescues

People who run pet rescues, sanctuaries, and shelters can get everything they need from Buzz to the Rescues, a one-stop site, and a software package.

Dog and cat listings, applications, donations, reports, and more. You save them. We Save You. This is how it works:


  • Dogs and cats: public profile and internal pet manager (History, Routine, Disposition, Medical, Documents, Notes)
  • Applications: An applicant can be a foster parent or a volunteer. In 1 click, you can connect pets with people.
  • Giving: A complete donor management system.
  • Reports: Find 2,000+ fields to look through in them. View the Trends
  • Integrations: It connects to Petfinder, Adopts a Dog, Found Animals, PayPal, and more. It also connects to Google Drive and GSuite.
  • Websites: Professional design is also included. It looks good on a phone, tablet, and computer. With our built-in Site Editor, you can make changes to your site on your own, and it’s straightforward. To say that there are no more costs for developers is to say.
  • Shelter Version (Complete): Track daily activities for dogs and cats, such as feeding, taking medicine, walking, training, socializing, bathing, and grooming.
  • Optional Addons: like recurring donations, Tributes, PDF receipts, automated end-of-year receipts, thank you notes, and more.

5. To Your Rescue

Were you wondering if you could keep better track of your animals’ history and health records?

You could also track their adopters, volunteers, events, and memberships better. Would you be worried if your computer were to be taken down by a ransomware attack?

Maybe you don’t want to meet other bad people on the web. Maybe your internet connection isn’t perfect. Perhaps they’re just slow.

The ToYourRescue service is just what you need if any of the following is true: People who work at an animal shelter will be able to use your computer to run it.

It can run at your top or in your house and doesn’t need to be connected to the internet simultaneously.

If you work with small to medium-sized shelters and sanctuaries, wildlife rehabbers, and groups that do TNR, this is also a good choice for you.


  • Animal records, such as birth, intake, and adoption history, are kept.
  • There are all of your health and medical records, with reminders for vaccinations and medications, as well as procedures and tests.
  • Animal behavior records that you can make your own
  • In this case, it’s best for groups of stars.
  • People and organizations should keep track of their donations, animal-related transactions, and volunteer work.
  • Donors are managed.
  • Queries for information about how newsletters and other publicity are run.
  • a report or a search
  • The management of event records
  • Membership management is used for fundraising.
  • It is easy to use.
  • People who work for the company can get help, one-on-one training, and new software.

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