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Top 5 Free Online YouTube Converter in 2022


What’s the YouTube converter?

If you want to download YouTube videos and convert/compress them to mp4 and mp3, YouTube converter will make it perfectly.

Why choose online YouTube converter?

There are desktop APP and online tools that both support download video to mp4. Why choose online video converter instead APP?

Actually, it depends on your needs. They have advantage and disadvantage. But this article is about online converter so I will talk about more advantage of it.

At first, online tool is totally free and you don’t need an account. Most of the APP is paid product.

Then you don’t need to download software which will take up the disk space.

Online YouTube Converter List

It has the features that meet the basic request to download YouTube to video. It supports download video with the quality ranging from 144p to 1080p. Whatever you are from, you will use it smoothly since it supports multi-language.

What’s more, it is a Facebook downloader also. You can download Facebook video to mp4 and mp3.

There is just one confusing thing. The site has 3 pages, YouTube Downloader, YouTube to mp3 and YouTube to mp4. However, the features of these pages are same. Actually, YouTube Downloader page is enough, so I don’t get why there are 3 pages with the same features.

Ytbtomp4 impresses me with its adorable appearance. It is such a lovely and clean site. The whole style of it is simple and refreshing. I don’t know why I will be happy every time when I use it.

It just supports English. There is not too much formats and quality to choose. But it is enough to meet the basic use. In addition, you can download mute videos on the site. Mute videos are smaller size and it is convenient if you want a mute video to do some cut and edit.

You can download video/audio from 30+ sites. Besides YTB, it is available for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud, etc.

It is site with abundant features. You can use it to download video to so many formats including mp4, mp3, mov, avi, flv, wmv, wav and more.

Besides using it online, you can intall its browser extension and app. It is even equipped with online screen recorder.

But the defect is that there are too many advertisements. And the analyzing speed is a little slow. And there are about 4 steps to download a video.

Ytmp3 is quite simple but a little old style. It works well. If you just want a tool extremely simple, it will be your best choice.

I will call it one of the best converters. It is fast, supports multi-language and wells well. But before you download it, it will pop up to remind you of sharing it.


The advantage of online YouTube converter is that almost all of them live on advertisement. But according to my opinion, as long as the advertisement doesn’t bother me in the converting process like pop up and pop under, I guess it is not a big problem.

And the advertisement helps webmasters to run the site. Sometimes I will click what I’m interested in to support them.

Hope you guys find the one you like.

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