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Top 5 Screenshot Tools for PC


After learned how to take screenshots on PC, if you still want more ways to make it, or you are just interested how to use the third-party tool to do it, just take a look at this article. It shows the top 5 screenshot tools for PC.


Greenshot is a screenshot software that offers you the essential features you need. It’s basic, user-friendly, yet extremely helpful.

Greenshot gives screenshots like another famous applications when you hit Screen printer. There are fundamental tools for altering screenshot.

It is extremely simple to alter; crop, annotate, resize, flip. This facilitates Greenshot’s use and makes it one of the top Windows screenshot applications.

You may immediately submit your picture to email using Greenshot or send it to anyone.

Without being hefty on your system, Greenshot delivers adequate functionality. It’s straightforward, easy and fast.


The print screen capture surrounding Snagit is the most effective. Use it to snap still pictures and capture video frames. You may record areas or a whole display.

Snagit also includes an integrated editor for annotateing your screenshots and applying simple effects. In order to easily identify photos in the search, the screenshot organizer of the program groups the images according to the date and alphabetical order.

It has numerous complex capabilities with many various options for improving or altering your screenshots, and is a product from the widely renowned TechSmith company.

SnagIt allows you to grab a screenshot when scrolling vertically or horizontally, rather than just capturing what is right on your screen. You can simply capture endlessly scrolling web pages or lengthy chat conversations.

You may snap any of the screenshots using professional benchmarking tools. You may demonstrate your character or retain all your remarks. Briefmarks and stickers can be placed on pictures. You may also spice up your screenshots using preset styles.

SnogIt reads the text on the screenshot, so that words, fonts, colors, or sizes may be changed without compromising or forcing you to restructure the image.

You may utilize several readymade sketches for visual documentation, tutorials and training if you use SnagIt to generate professional materiel.

And SnagIt enables you to document the stages and workflows with a number of characters or letters that grow automatically when new modifications are introduced, which allow you to monitor your work and to show what you’ve done.


TinyTake sees itself as the quickest approach to free capture of your display.

It allows you to take all the images on your screen, a particular window, or a region you have specified. You can even capture your webcam’s photos.

TinyTake’s annotations are easy. You will get a tiny tool set including a shape and arrow drawing tool, a highlight to grab attention, a blurred scrubbing tool for sensitive information and more.

In addition, you can just drag and drop any image from your local disk if you want to utilize the annotate tool without a screenshot.

TinyTake has been created in partnership, so that you may share your screenshots in many ways with one click

It also enables you to locally save or distribute your screenshots as e-mail accessories or TinyTake Links.

TinyTake also preserves your cloud files, allowing you to review every snapshot you submit or share from anywhere.


Screenpresso lets teams take the screenshots they need to present in their training documents, design work, IT problem reports and any other business.

And this is one of the most popular screenshot alternatives to windows tool.

When the “Print Screen” button is pressed, the mouse becomes a crosshair and automatically points out which regions can be recorded. The whole window, the window or the full screen can be taken with a screenshot.

For example, in a scrolling window, Screenpresso allows you to pick up more than simply anything on the screen by using its stitching process, and smoothly meshes any length of window into one image.

Double-click or click on the “Modify” button to edit a picture using Screenpresso. You may add to your screenshot arrows, spotlights on some locations, spoken bubbles, rectangles, ellipse, text books, callouts, and a little more.

It also supports to crop the photo, add drop-shots, apply a border, and more.


ShareX is a popular free screenshot software product which allows you to customize and share a host of settings. 

ShareX offers everything from annotations to cuts, colours, flip, doubles, watermarks to shadows.

It is usually a really good quality to have several characteristics. However, you want to capture a screenshot sometimes, add short notes and be OK. More than that, ShareX provides you. 


Actually, all of the software above have the screenshot feature. The differences are what’s the additional feature you like and do you want a freeware or shareware. Make the decision according to your needs and take a screenshot now.

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