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Top 5 Software Discount Sites


Software products take an important role of daily life and work. They make more things interesting and easy. But it means the more convenient days we enjoy, the more we need to spend on software.

After learn how to buy software with discount, you may need sites to start saving money now. There are some coupon sites for you to save money when you want to buy software.


You can find almost all types of software here. It shows a quite clear software category and has a store part as well.

Whatever you just want the coupon for 1 product or pick up the different coupon from 1 store, everything becomes easy here.

The coupon code copied on it works well. If it doesn’t work, you can report it.

However, there is no coupon for some products and stores, but just link to purchase. If it happens, go to more websites to find what you want.


Tickcoupon offers software coupons as the main type. With a number of options to software brandings and products, you will be satisfied with the shopping experience.

Some events are listed on the top menu but some of them are out of date like that the Black Friday promotion is still live on the site, though the coupons are still work.


You will be familiar with this site if you look for coupon for many other goods. Retailmenot demonstrates coupon of lots of industries like clothing, food, and travel.

It doesn’t mean software is a weak part for them. Instead, around 5000 offers available for software and all of them live with coupon code.

There is no subcategory under software. So if you want to pick up which exact product you want in antivirus category or something else, it will be not so convenient.

The feature is that it has so many coupon/discount types to provide several ways for you to save.

The point I don’t like is that the origin page will redirect to the branding official page. And it will create a new page to show you the coupon code once you click the software.


OnTheHub offers software products at greatly reduced prices for students and faculty, which is known as a kind of academic discount.

It provides the service to 180+ countries and 20K+ school. If you are a student or a teacher, it is the best place to get discount of software. But it is quite limited to other group and it will verify your status to unlock the restriction of offers.


ColorMango not only offer coupons of software, but also giveaway license. Some of the giveaway products provide time limited license, and some of them give lifetime license.

I guess everyone like giveaway, so before you get a coupon, go there and check if giveaway is available for what you want.

The defect is there are not too many giveaway products, or it will be perfect.

It lists promotion event on the top menu also. I believe ColorMango update it in time since you can see the latest menu is spring sale 2021 there.

Final Words

For the same software product, it may provide different coupon codes to different websites. This means the discount will not be the same.

If you want to save as much as you can, try to compare the discount that the site gives you. Besides the online store mentioned in the article, there are so many similar sites to explore.

Go and save now!

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