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The Top Practical Wake Up Light


Do you think it is really difficult to wake up yourself in the fast-paced modern life? Alarm clock is the most popular way to awake you. However, I guess you must experience that your heart speeds up when it rings as this is not a way good for your health.

Wake Up Light
So what’s the method to wake you up but will not bother your health? It must be wake up light, the thing we will talk about in this article.

Wake up light simulates the changes of sunrise light, and you will be woken by a so natural means. It will help you stay in a great shape from every morning.

The article will show some best sold wake up light to help you know some specific item.

Philips HF3520 / 60 is the third generation of Philips wake up light. It is a popular object that can be found in many US TV series. It save more power than former series.

When you finish setting the time, the LED will increase light intensity gradually till the light looks like it is in early morning.

Its exclusive PowerBackup+ makes it possible to keep the sets for at least 8 hours.

The 88% of the users say that it makes them full of beans after wake up. And it is the most cost-effective one among Philips wake up light series.

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2. LBell-Upgraded Smart Wake Light

Lbell launched this one in May, 2019, which is compatible both with Alexa and google. You can simply connect it to Wifi and use your phone to set sunrise, sunset and alarm clock functions.

Traditional wake up light just support to set 1 time. But you can set 4 different times by this one. It means you don’t need to change it again and again if a couple has different working time.

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3. Himalayan Salt Wake Light

The La Homieta wake up light looks that nice. It is made of natural crystal and Himalayan salt. So pure the materials are

Natural Salt is good for health and can help you improve the sleep quality.

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4. Little Hippo Mella

Little Hippo mella is designed for Kids.

It is make of ABS and organosilicon approved by FCC, CE, RoHS, CA65, REACH, and CPSIA.

Your kids can enjoy the sleep experience, whatever the appearance and the functions.

The lock screen function avoids the careless touch by the kids.

However, please note that the cable is short.

Image courtesy of Amazon

5.Lumie Bodyclock

Lumie bodyclock is perfect on the functions and touch experience. So the price is a little higher that other lights. Do you think it looks like a capsule?

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6. DOSTYLE Wake-Up Light

Although it is the cheaper one compared with other DOSTYLE wake up lights, it includes all the functions of wake up light.

If you don’t want to cost too much to by a wake up light, it should be the best choice.

It has 5 voice from nature and 3 levels of light intensity so that is enough for normal use.

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7. Nature Bright Light-Wake-Up

Nature Bright is a must if you are a travel enthusiast.

It is portable that you can push it in your bag. So you don’t need take torch and won’t be woken up by noise after tired activities.

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all wake up lights above has alarm clock function as well. If you are always in deep sleep and the light cannot wake you up, you can

set alarm clock. And hope you don’t have the habits to cover your whole head by quilt.

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