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Top Smartwatch under $100


Let me guess why you need a smartwatch.

Maybe you want to monitor your body stats by heart rate and sleep quality.

Maybe you need something to remind and courage you to do exercise, keep fit, and tracking how much effort you made.

Maybe you look for a small GPS tools to target you or your kids.Maybe you always miss the message from Facebook.

There are so many possibilities to impel you to have it. And in a word, you need a smartwatch to help you enjoy a healthy, safe and convenient life.

We always suggest inexpensive things for beginners. Hope this article will be helpful for you and help you get your first smartwatch.

Comparing ENACFIRE Smart Watch W2 to high-end models in features or to low-end models in price would not be appropriate. But it would be a well-earned 9 points if the full point is 10 whatever at price, quality and features.

Accurate heart rate and sleep monitor, meanwhile it is built in GPS that works as well as other features.

The display is bright that you can see all the things clearly even in the sun. Long battery life will support 1-week activities.

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2. Fitbit Versa Lite Smartwatch / Charcoal/Silver Aluminum

Fitbit Versa Lite Smartwatch is a worth buying particularly if you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a product which still gives you valuable information.

It has 5 color options, including charcoal silver, lilac silver, marina blue, mulberry and white silver.

You don’t need to charge it every day. The battery life supports around 4-day normal use and the watch will track your sleep stats well.

The lite version lives up to the name that it is so lightweight.

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3. YAMAY Smartwatch

The first impression on YAMAY Smart Watch is the flirtatious red version. Attractive appearance easily draws attention of people.

There are plenty functions perfectly meet all your needs. It is IP68 waterproof standard so that you can wear it while swimming and you can take it easy instead of worry about if it will be destroyed when you do housework and in rainy days.

If you don’t want to miss anything significant, you can use call message alerts after you download VeryFitPro app. You can save the time to read a message to make sure your health status.

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4. Samsung Galaxy Fit Smartwatch (US version)

Samsung Galaxy Fit Smartwatch looks like a wristband. The strap is silicone and looks not cheap. There are just white and black versions but as you know, they are the 2 colors that will never be out of fashion.

Fitness tracker is amazing and the watch is easy to set, though the app and features are sophisticated.

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5. Letscom Smartwatch / Heart Rate Monitor, IP68 Waterproof

The design is simple but not cheap and like apple watch in some parts. Made of soft silicone, the strap feels pretty good.

It synchronizes and shows notifications and messages from FB, WhatsApp, standard text messages, emails and even if it doesn’t answer calls.

People may hold the breath and breathe quickly when feel exited, nervous, and sad. It is not a healthy condition. Breathing feature is an amazing feature which helps with guide the breathing.

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6. Willful Smartwatch / Android Phones Compatible iPhone

The slogan of Willful is that your wish is also mine, which means they won’t let you down. If they let you down, they let them down also.

Sports mode includes all the fitness related information for walking, strolling, hiking, climbing, treadmill, yoga, turning, etc. And when you do any of the exercise above, you can control music right from the watch.

The watch is very sensitive to the wake feature. When you rotate your wrist toward yourself the screen turns on.

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7. Lintelek Smartwatch / Full Touch Screen

Incredible price and achieve everything the high-price ones do. Tracking your sleep and exercise, display the information from your IM, music playing, alarm eminding, and long battery life. That’s all the smartwatch should include, right?

The smartwatch is a good match for all. It wears so comfortable whether you are an adult or a little kid.

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Buying Advice

1. Please choose the materials that don’t make you comfortable. And it is better to choose a lightweight one so that you won’t notice it when sleep and do exercise.

2. Please be careful of battery life. I guess you don’t like charging it every day

3. Water-Proof is important, or even your sweat may destroy it. And one thing always need to be protected carefully is not convenient for life.

4. Think twice according to your needs. Many of the smartwatch have sophisticated features, so please check what’s the function you need most.

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